Hello Fellow Alumni,

Thank you to all who participated in GAAFU's Virtual Reunion Weekend! The gala was exceptional and had many special features including a Fisk swag box full of thoughtful and useful items. A few swag boxes remain and will be sold for a discount. We raised $11,072 from the auction and all proceeds will help support GAAFU! We are appreciative of the Events Committee for planning the Virtual Reunion Weekend. Committee members include Terrance A. Hurd (chair), Linda Bass, Norma Dartis, Lillian Mills, Toni Simmons Adrienne Latham (Executive Director of Alumni Affairs).

Congratulations to the new golden alumni from the classes of 1970 and 1971 and the new silver alumni from the classes of 1995 and 1996. I also extend a special acknowledgment to the class of 2020, which has endured many challenges, including the pandemic, on their one-year anniversary.

And to our newest alumni, the class of 2021, we applaud you and welcome you into the alumni association with a free membership until the end of 2021. We anticipate great things from you!

Our newest Fiskites will arrive on campus in August. Thus far, over 240 new students have submitted deposits and more are anticipated, continuing a positive trend. The efforts of the alumni recruiting network have been invaluable in attracting excellent students. The admissions process is ongoing so please continue to submit your referrals to

Fisk has received several large donations! Alumni are applauded for playing their role in these major donations by increasing their giving percentage. Large donors are more likely to donate to institutions that have good alumni giving percentage. Congrats to the class of 1986 and class agent Terrance Hurd for leading in donations percentage.  Congrats to the class of 1971 and class agent Leo Vanderpool for leading in the donation amount. There's still time to donate for the fiscal year 2021 until June 30th. Text "Fisk" to 56512 to give.

We need all alumni (young and seasoned) involved at the local, regional and national level! I look forward to your participation in GAAFU's annual business meeting tentatively scheduled for June 26th.  

Fisk Forever!
Janine Smith '84

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