Fisk Alumni Association Board of Directors

Board Members

Position Name Class City/State
Chair Janine Smith 1984 Bowie, MD
Vice Chair Beverly Hill Dixon 1976 Birmingham, AL
Secretary Janelle R. Caldwell West 1981 Chicago, IL
Treasurer Robert K. Wiley  1976 Nashville, TN
Parliamentarian Anthony Murphy 1999 Washington, DC
General Counsel Kyle D. Parks, Esq. 2005 Nashville, TN
Southern Regional Chair Jenise R. Burks 2011 Smyrna, GA
Southern Regional Vice Chair Kimberly Fritts Swett  2003 Nashville, TN
Midwest Regional Vice Chair Ayo Thomas  2011 Detroit, MI
Southwestern Regional Chair Linda Elliott Bass 1970 Houston, TX
Southwestern Vice Chair Kieta Taylor Mutepfa 1997 River Ridge, LA
Eastern Regional Chair Deborah Mitchell Curry 1980 Bowie, MD
Eastern Regional Co-Vice Chair Milton J. Sloan, Ph.D. 1980 Bowie, MD
Alumni Trustee Frank Simmons  1973 Houston, TX
Alumni Trustee Lela Wingard Hughes 1976 Somerset, NJ

Regional Leaders

Eastern Name Class City/State


Deborah Mitchell Curry


Bowie, MD

Co-Vice Chair

Milton SLoan, Ph.D.


Bowie, MD

Southern Name Class City/State
Chair Jenise R. Burks 2011 Smyrna,, GA
Vice Chair Kimberly Fritts Swett 2003 Antioch, TN
Southwestern Name Class City/State
Chair Linda Elliott Bass 1970 Houston, TX
Co-Chair Kieta Taylor Mutepfa 1997 River RIdge, LA
Midwest Name Class City/State

Vice Chair

Ayo Thomas


IDetroit, MI
Far West Region Name Class City/State
Chair Lewis A. Jordan, II 1982 San Rafael, CA
Vice Chair  Cassondra McCright Smith 1998 Antioch, CA

Fisk University, in its educational programs and activities involving students and employees, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age. Furthermore, the university does not discriminate against veterans or individuals with disabilities.